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Reaching for Intelligence Past

154 pages, 6 x 9 Paperback Release Date:02 Feb 2017 ISBN:9780995029156
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Eds. Guillaume Brunet, Lorraine Gaudreau and Agathe Riverin

Live through a conflict…and resolve it with intelligence. An achievable goal if both parties remain intelligent and share a common interest

Who hasn’t lived a conflict with a colleague, a client, a boss, a business partner? Obviously, remaining in conflict, not achieving one’s objectives, and failing to perform are not viable options.

It’s difficult for all to intelligently solve a conflict, but not impossible. We’ll dive into it through diverse real experiences seen through the eyes of this book’s characters.

“Through the chapters emerges a practical know-how, elegant yet without pretention, anchored in solid knowledge offered with simplicity. This knowledge is the result of years of conflict resolution, reflecting the authors’ ability to imagine innovative ways to deliver a message while soliciting emotion and action.” (Thérèse Laferrière, Incumbent Professor, Faculty of Education, Université Laval)

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