The field of entertainment is burgeoning and this means that studies in this field need to be up-to-date, intriguing, and engaging. Universitas Press publishes books about TV shows, movies, directors, etc. Whether one unified research or a collection of essays, these books answer questions about the direction of entertainment, the role it plays in shaping local and global culture or the influence on the audience.

Queering Visual Cultures: Re-Presenting Sexual Politics on Stage and Screen

Ed. Subashish Bhattacharjee                           ISBN: 978-0-995029-13-2



It is imperative that analyses of popular cultural depictions and presentations of the queer are performed with the extensive intent towards encouraging a politics of inclusion and towards deterring the abjection of the queer subject in popular cultural portrayals. The contemporary popular cultural space has leveraged the queer in the same format of representation as its presentation in the 1990s. Although the queer is portrayed in a less perverse light than a decade ago, popular cultural representations of the queer in the visual culture genres are still on the level of the banal. 

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Monsters and Monstrosity in 21st-Century Film and Television

Eds. Cristina Artenie and Ashley Szanter       ISBN 978-0-9950291-8-7

Monsters and Monstrosity

Thubiquitous presence of the monstrous on screen evokes myriad interpretations. In certain cases, we love to love the monster. In others, we bond over mutual desire to see it conquered, vanquished.

In its entirety,  this volume endeavors to examine how 21st-century media presents and contends with the body and mind of the monster. What do they reveal about us culturally, individually, as a community? What can we learn from them?

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