Submission guidelines

Whether you have an idea you think is worth developing into a book, are working on a project or have already completed your work, we want to hear from you. It is also possible that you are thinking of a thematic volume, based on a call for papers, to cover a particular subject. Send us a 3-5 page proposal, explaining your idea, your research, and your expertise. State the purpose of your project clearly and explain why you think it is important in its respective field of studies.

You should provide a tentative timeline for completion, tentative outline (chapters), tentative page numbers, and a tentative title.

We are looking for projects that could be completed in 3, 6, and 12 months.

We are currently looking for projects in the fields of literary studies, history, philosophy, entertainment studies, media studies, intercultural communication, as well as sociology and anthropology.

Currently, we are accepting proposals for our Classics collection, Portable classics, as well as for critical editions. Specialists in a period or author, contact us if you are interested in preparing the introduction and explanatory notes for classics, or issue your own critical edition of a classic. We welcome non-genetic approaches that emphasise the extra-textual. We favour interpretations from postcolonial, feminist, queer, environmental, and other contemporary perspectives.

For a better understanding of the type of books we are looking for, please check the descriptions of the collections listed on the left margin of the website’s pages.

Email us at and attach your proposal in a word document. We will contact you in 2 to 4 weeks.