Goody Two-Shoes and other 18th-century British stories

Ed. Henry M. Wallace   ISBN: 978-1-988963-01-3

Cover Goody Two-Shoes

Published December 1st, the first collection of its kind: 18th-century British short stories. Connoisseurs will partake in Humour, Mores, and Adventures of Gentlemen and Gentleladies in London and where so e’er in England and North Britain.

47 stories, some of them never before anthologized. Authors include: Ned Ward, Daniel Defoe, Richard Steele, Delarivier Manley, Joseph Addison, Thomas Gordon, Jonathan Swift, Eliza Haywood, Matthew Concanen, Erasmus Philips, Elizabeth Singer Rowe, Henry Fielding, Samuel Johnson, Christopher Smart, John Hawkesworth, Edward Moore, John Boyle, George Colman the Elder, Bonnell Thornton, Thomas Warton, Oliver Goldsmith, Alexander Kellet, Isaac Bickerstaff, Thomas Chatterton, John Aikin, Elizabeth Griffith, Henry Mackenzie, Leonard McNally, Horace Walpole, Alexander Fraser Tytler, Nathan Drake, Robert Burns, Mary Hays, Maria Edgeworth, Hannah More.

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These Immortal Creations: An Anthology of British Romantic Poetry

Ed. Sylvia Hunt            ISBN: 978-0-9950291-9-4

Cover These Immortal

With its over 120 poems arranged in chronological order, the present anthology follows very closely the development of Romantic poetry in Britain from its beginnings in the 1780s to the early years of Victoria’s reign. This is also the most diverse anthology of Romantic literature: out of twenty-seven authors, fifteen are male and twelve female. The reader will be able to see how the female poets of the Romantic Movement found self-empowerment in the construction, articulation and publication of a feminized poetic identity.

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Monsters and Monstrosity in 21st-Century Film and Television

Eds. Cristina Artenie and Ashley Szanter   ISBN 978-0-9950291-8-7

Monsters and Monstrosity

The ubiquitous presence of the monstrous on screen evokes myriad interpretations. In certain cases, we love to love the monster. In others, we bond over mutual desire to see it conquered, vanquished.

In its entirety,  this volume endeavors to examine how 21st-century media presents and contends with the body and mind of the monster. What do they reveal about us culturally, individually, as a community? What can we learn from them?

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Specialists: Passions & Careers

Eds. Cristina Artenie and Dannielle Joy Davis   ISBN: 978-0-9950291-7-0


Is the pursuit of the doctorate the ultimate intellectual “survival of the fittest” challenge? Are there common characteristics and experiences that result in success while earning the PhD? Can examining the experiences of individuals successful in pursuing the doctorate lead us towards learning how to increase success rates and decrease doctoral attrition? The intent of this work is to address these questions and highlight the experiences of those who have earned or are in pursuit of the doctorate.

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