New The Vampyre and other British stories of the Romantic era

Ed. Henry M. Wallace


The Vampyre and other British stories of the Romantic era includes the best short fiction published in Britain during the first decades of the 19th century. The period, associated with the “rise of the tale,” saw every year the arrival of new periodicals dedicated, entirely or partially, to the publication of short stories. Many authors, in all corners of the kingdom, also regularly published their own short-story collections, often in a series of volumes.

The period between 1800 and 1832, from which the stories in this volume have been selected, is especially associated with the great English Romantic poets, as well as with their aesthetic creeds, their predilection for leaps of fantasy, larger-than-life characters and uncanny situations. This is also one of the two important trends in the production of short stories at the time. Authors like Joseph William Polidori, John Galt, William Harrison Ainsworth and Walter Scott (all included here) incorporated Gothic elements into their own take on Romanticism, in which Byronic heroes become vampires and travel to Greece or become immortal and condemned to eternal peregrination; in which characters are buried alive or forced to face the ghost of someone who died centuries before.

For the student of the Romantic era in British literature, this is an indispensable instrument, as it allows a synchronic view of a period in which Romanticism coexisted both with earlier traditions and with the realistic and naturalistic trends from which would emerge the great British novels of the mid- and late 19th century.

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New The Trail of the Serpent

Mary Elizabeth Braddon

ISBN: 978-1-988963-25-9

Victorian England’s best-selling woman novelist Mary Elizabeth Braddon still captivates readers with this chilling story of murder, betrayal, and friendship. Hailed as the first detective novel, The Trail of the Serpent is enjoying a much deserved revival. The Trail is both a sensation novel and a detective novel. It has all of the usual elements of a sensation novel, including family secrets, crime, and adultery (a ruse, in this case), and it depicts these as features of middle- and upper-class life. Yet The Trail’s role as a detective novel is arguably more important, for while it is an early example of both genres, it has the distinction of being the first British detective novel. It predates, and, in many respects, influenced Wilkie Collins’s Moonstone and Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock series, but unlike these works, The Trail’s place in the history of detective fiction has often been overlooked.
“Readers will find a great deal of social criticism, some subtle and some not so subtle, in Braddon’s fearless first novel. There are attacks on hypocrisy, the permanency of marriage, and other topics, but The Trail is especially progressive in its portrayal of physical difference (or “disability”) and hand-based communication. In this respect, it stands out against other Victorian novels, many of which have acquired a dismal reputation for contributing to the creation of “disability” as a concept that stigmatizes and marginalizes real-life people.
In The Trail, Braddon often represents her female characters in ways that defy typical Victorian gender norms. Unlike some of Dickens’s novels, there are no doll-like women or perfect Angel-in-the-House heroines. Today, it continues to be as fascinating in its social commentary as it is entertaining to read.” (Catherine M. Welter, Introduction to The Trail of the Serpent

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New Journey to the Center of the Mind

Life, Health and Happiness through the Eyes of a World-Renowned Neurosurgeon

Alexandru-Vlad Ciurea & Tudor Artenie

ISBN: 978-1-988963-24-2   

Journey to the Center of the Mind, a best selling book of interviews published in Romania a few years ago, is now available to English-speaking readers. The interviews with world-renowned neurosurgeon, university professor, and inventor of a drain system for the brain Alexandru Vlad Ciurea are a window into a life lived with humility, always in the best interest of the patient and of the fellow man.

Despite adverse historical conditions, which include a world war and the tough communist regime, Professor Ciurea’s life story is one filled with joy, optimism, and life lessons for all of us.

In this series of interviews with writer and journalist Tudor Artenie, the professor talks about what constitutes a good childhood and education; about good habits and health issues; about the benefits of a glass of red wine and of a good book. His honest take on what and how people can get the most out of their lives comes at a critical moment, when competing discourses are drowning us in noise and we do not know where to look for guidance anymore. 

Take the journey with him and learn from a neurosurgeon who has operated on over twenty-three thousand patients and has never lost one. 

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The Female Precariat

Gender and Contingency in the Professional Work Force

Margie Burns, Tamara Ionkova Hammond, Rachelann Lopp Copland

ISBN: 978-1-988963-07-5

The purpose of this book is to explain the U.S. higher education precariat and the digital precariat to the world at large, and to document with overwhelming evidence that the precariat in higher education and in the Internet economy disproportionately involves women.

This thematic volume addresses gender disparities in pay, professional support, and job security in both the higher education work force and the work force in the newer digital economy.

We hope that our book will help change the culture of silence. This book is a labor of love; in the long run, we hope that our work will encourage others to devote attention to some egregious problems that ultimately affect everyone.

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Introduction to Literature

Planning and Teaching a First-year Course

Sylvia Hunt & Cynthia Parr

ISBN: 978-1-988963-05-1

The introductory course can be used as a catch-all for nearly everything first-year students may need to learn as they begin academic study.

There is a difference between streamlining an approach to an Introduction to Literature course and dumbing down the material. Practical considerations are important when developing any course, and they certainly are in an introductory course.

Instructors may need to deal with diverse, inexperienced students in short blocks of class time, possibly within contexts of high departmental expectations, even as they are cognisant of a need to preserve personal well being while balancing the daily demands of course delivery and marking. We learned over time to select topics and works carefully, and then to pack their presentation with rich and important elements relevant and interesting to a variety of students.

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Racism and Discrimination in the Sporting World

Ed. Eileen M. Angelini

ISBN: 978-1-988963-06-8

In today’s day and age of social media in a global economy where individuals come into contact with one another at a rapid pace, we all must work harder to understand and respect one another’s point of view that may be directly influenced by an individual’s native language, culture, and history. The sporting world is one such realm in which racism and discrimination take place that is often based in differences.

The aim of this volume is to explore what is it about culture and society that creates an environment in which an athlete is able to excel or fail in his/her respective sport as well as which factors, such as racism, discrimination, financial advantage or hardship, propel or hinder an athlete’s achievements.

This volume also seeks to explore how the world of sports is often a microcosm of the real world and the many ways in which it uniquely reflects cultural and societal issues.

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Queering Visual Cultures: Re-Presenting Sexual Politics on Stage and Screen

Ed. Subashish Bhattacharjee

ISBN: 978-0-995029-13-2

It is imperative that analyses of popular cultural depictions and presentations of the queer are performed with the extensive intent towards encouraging a politics of inclusion and towards deterring the abjection of the queer subject in popular cultural portrayals.

The contemporary popular cultural space has leveraged the queer in the same format of representation as its presentation in the 1990s. Although the queer is portrayed in a less perverse light than a decade ago, popular cultural representations of the queer in the visual culture genres are still on the level of the banal. While popular culture has become more encouraging towards the queer, the broader cultural opinion about the queer has been progressively more skeptical, compromised by the idea that the queer is encroaching on spaces reserved exclusively for heteronormative recreation. The essays in this volume look closely at how the queer is portrayed across media and throughout the world.                                    Retail price: 38 CAD   Our price: 40% off

American Notes for General Circulation

Charles Dickens, Introduction Diana C. Archibald

ISBN: 978-1-988963-04-4

This is a scholarly edition, annotated and illustrated, addressing the modern reader. Dickens fans and students will find the most balanced approach to annotate and contextualize the writer’s travel impressions, as well as a chronology following Dickens’s itinerary chapter by chapter.

“American Notes for General Circulation was published shortly after Dickens’s return from his six-month trip to North America. While his intention to publish a travel narrative was not publicly disclosed before or during his trip, it was widely assumed that he would write a travel book. After all, many European visitors, especially authors, had written such books in the past. In 1842 Dickens was arguably the most famous novelist in the world, so, naturally, English and American readers eagerly anticipated a book based on his visit.

However, Dickens’s unexpected critique of the young republic in this little travel narrative caused shockwaves among his devoted readership. The fact that he would risk offending his audience by publishing the book ought to pique modern readers’ interest. What did he say that so upset the public? What motivated his choice of content and approach? And what does this neglected text reveal to modern readers about life and literature in the Anglo-American world of the nineteenth century?” (From the Introduction by Diana C. Archibald)     Retail Price: 35 CAD    Our Price: 40% off

Goody Two-Shoes and other 18th-century British stories

Ed. Henry M. Wallace

ISBN: 978-1-988963-01-3

The first collection of its kind, in an annotated and illustrated edition: 18th-century British short stories, some of which have never before been anthologized. Connoisseurs will partake in Humour, Mores, and Adventures of Gentlemen and Gentleladies in London and where so e’er in England and North Britain.

Short stories, as this anthology demonstrates, can help just as much, if not more, than novels and poems, to get a sense of the 18th century. They feature the same adventures of the body, the mind, or the soul that one finds in Robinson Crusoe, Pamela, or Tristram Shandy.

47 stories, some of them never before anthologized. Authors include: Ned Ward, Daniel Defoe, Richard Steele, Delarivier Manley, Joseph Addison, Thomas Gordon, Jonathan Swift, Eliza Haywood, Matthew Concanen, Erasmus Philips, Elizabeth Singer Rowe, Henry Fielding, Samuel Johnson, Christopher Smart, John Hawkesworth, Edward Moore, John Boyle, George Colman the Elder, Bonnell Thornton, Thomas Warton, Oliver Goldsmith, Alexander Kellet, Isaac Bickerstaff, Thomas Chatterton, John Aikin, Elizabeth Griffith, Henry Mackenzie, Leonard McNally, Horace Walpole, Alexander Fraser Tytler, Nathan Drake, Robert Burns, Mary Hays, Maria Edgeworth, Hannah More.           Retail Price: 35 CAD    Our Price: 40% off

These Immortal Creations: An Anthology of British Romantic Poetry

Ed. Sylvia Hunt            
ISBN: 978-0-9950291-9-4

With its over 120 poems arranged in chronological order, the present anthology follows very closely the development of Romantic poetry in Britain from its beginnings in the 1780s to the early years of Victoria’s reign. This is also the most diverse anthology of Romantic literature: out of twenty-seven authors, fifteen are male and twelve female. The reader will be able to see how the female poets of the Romantic Movement found self-empowerment in the construction, articulation and publication of a feminized poetic identity.

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Monsters and Monstrosity in 21st-Century Film and Television

Eds. Cristina Artenie and Ashley Szanter   
ISBN 978-0-9950291-8-7

The ubiquitous presence of the monstrous on screen evokes myriad interpretations. In certain cases, we love to love the monster. In others, we bond over mutual desire to see it conquered, vanquished.

In its entirety,  this volume endeavors to examine how 21st-century media presents and contends with the body and mind of the monster. What do they reveal about us culturally, individually, as a community? What can we learn from them?

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Specialists: Passions & Careers

Eds. Cristina Artenie and Dannielle Joy Davis   
ISBN: 978-0-9950291-7-0

Is the pursuit of the doctorate the ultimate intellectual “survival of the fittest” challenge? Are there common characteristics and experiences that result in success while earning the PhD? Can examining the experiences of individuals successful in pursuing the doctorate lead us towards learning how to increase success rates and decrease doctoral attrition? The intent of this work is to address these questions and highlight the experiences of those who have earned or are in pursuit of the doctorate.

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