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UP is a press for college and university instructors. Our “In the classroom,” “Critical/ Scholarly Editions,” and our “Classics” series are made to teach with. The aim is to help instructors deliver interesting courses, with a variety of approaches, always culturally sensitive and gender balanced.

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400 pages, 6 x 9 Hardcover Release Date:12 Oct 2022 ISBN:9781988963402 The History of Emily Montague is considered the first Canadian novel. Written by a British colonist, Frances Brooke, in an epistolary form, the novel is remarkable for its observations of the lives and traditions of Quebecers and Natives, as well as the manners of the upper-British classes.

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Our books are made for the college classroom. They have beautiful covers and layout, to entice students to read. The margins are slightly bigger, so students can take discreet notes. The paper, the fonts, the spacing between the lines create a flowing rhythm and encourage reading.

  • Strong editorial matter: introductions and annotations that are reflective of current scholarship as well as editorial practices;
  • Useful apparatus in our In the classroom series that guide instructors and students through the most important aspects of the period, author’s life, publications;
  • Monographs and collections of essays that engage with issues upfront and that offer ways to understand the world, be it the past or the present.

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Universitas Press in an independent academic press that publishes Books that make sense of the world. UP is an indepedent publisher, peer-reviewed, and employee-owned.  established in 2014 in Montreal, Canada.  


The majority of our titles are available as eBooks through Google Play,  as PDFs via UBC Press, or through campus bookstore platforms. For personal use, we  recommend Google Play, which allows one to sample the content and format of any of our eBooks using the Google Play app. Our titles on Google Play include  both the original page layout (equivalent to a PDF) and flowing text layout (equivalent to an EPUB).

“The edition’s carefully chosen illustrations, introduction and extensive footnotes provide a valuable context for today’s student. We learn about steam travel by boat, which was then new and hazardous, about the rash of American bank failures in 1837 to which the title (“notes for general circulation”) alludes, and about the difficulties of emigration in the mid-nineteenth century. These historical themes are supplemented by contemporary illustrations of people and places ranging from the Lowell Mill factory girls to Tremont House in Boston to Niagara Falls…The availability of Archibald’s new edition provides a useful text to supplement the social and political context of courses in British and American literature.”

Dickens QuarterlyDickens Quarterly

“Cristina Artenie's edition of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula (The Postcolonial Edition) is one of the best currently available for use in the classroom.  She provides an excellent context for the work in her introduction, and she includes ample footnotes which explain events within the novel, as well as in contemporary European politics, history, geography, folklore, etc.  Over the past six years students in my undergraduate Vampire course have found the work extremely useful for their research and discussions.”

James DoanJames DoanNova Southeastern University

“Kevin Dodd is a retired university teacher of religious studies. This book is a monument to his intriguing side hustle: an obsession with vampire stories. It is published by the small Universitas Press in Montreal and may well slip through the cracks, which would be a shame as it consolidates a colossal amount of scholarship … The strength of the book all lies in the source material, particularly from the pre-modern world, that has been collected here. I will be snacking off bites of these sources for a long time to come.”

Roger LuckhurstRoger LuckhurstBirkbeck, University of London

“Gothic and Racism is well worth reading, and I highly recommend it to all interested in Gothic studies. I hope the contributors all continue to make their voices heard in revealing the role racism has played in Gothic fiction, and by extension, helping to heal much of our Gothic historical past.”

Tyler TychelaarTyler Tychelaarauthor of THE GOTHIC WANDERER

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