In the classroom

Our goal here at Universitas Press is to make learning the focus of college and university experience, both for students and for instructorsLearning needs to be student-centred:

  • encouraging student autonomy;
  • time saving;
  • reasonably priced;
  • intellectually stimulating through interesting and engaging material, presented in a clear and effective manner and reflecting the concerns of the century we live in.

Our approach is threefold:

* to enhance learning by offering students user-friendly learning tools that will facilitate their success and make their learning experience more enjoyable and less overwhelming;

* to offer instructors materials for courses that will help them focus on teaching and on student success;

* to publish works by talented academics and independent researchers, either in thematic collections or book-length studies


2015: My Own Land’s Sins: An Anthology of Victorian Poetry

My Own Land's Sins Front Cover