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Our goal here at Universitas Press is to make learning the focus of college and university experience, both for students and for instructorsLearning needs to be student-centred: encouraging student autonomy; time saving; reasonably priced; intellectually stimulating through interesting and engaging material, presented in a clear and effective manner and reflecting the concerns of the century we live in.

Our approach is two-fold: to enhance learning by offering students user-friendly learning tools that will facilitate their success and make their learning experience more enjoyable and less overwhelming; to offer instructors materials for courses that will help them focus on teaching and on student success.

The Vampyre and other British stories of the Romantic era

Ed. Henry M. Wallace

VampyreThe Vampyre and other British stories of the Romantic era includes the best short fiction published in Britain during the first decades of the 19th century. The period, associated with the “rise of the tale,” saw every year the arrival of new periodicals dedicated, entirely or partially, to the publication of short stories. Many authors, in all corners of the kingdom, also regularly published their own short-story collections, often in a series of volumes. The period between 1800 and 1832 is especially associated with the great English Romantic poets, as well as with their aesthetic creeds, their predilection for leaps of fantasy, larger-than-life characters and uncanny situations.

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These Immortal Creations: An Anthology of British Romantic Poetry

Ed. Sylvia Hunt
ISBN: 978-0-9950291-9-4

These Immortal Creations

With its over 120 poems arranged in chronological order, the present anthology follows very closely the development of Romantic poetry in Britain from its beginnings in the 1780s to the early years of Victoria’s reign. This is also the most diverse anthology of Romantic literature: out of twenty-seven authors, fifteen are male and twelve female. The reader will be able to see how the female poets of the Romantic Movement found self-empowerment in the construction, articulation and publication of a feminized poetic identity. 

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Goody Two-Shoes and other 18th-century British stories

Ed. Henry M. Wallace
ISBN: 978-1-988963-01-3

Goody Two-Shoes and other 18th-Century British Short Stories

The first collection of its kind, in an annotated and illustrated edition: 18th-century British short stories, some of which have never before been anthologized. Connoisseurs will partake in Humour, Mores, and Adventures of Gentlemen and Gentleladies in London and where so e’er in England and North Britain. Short stories, as this anthology demonstrates, can help just as much, if not more, than novels and poems, to get a sense of the 18th century. They feature the same adventures of the body, the mind, or the soul that one finds in Robinson Crusoe, Pamela, or Tristram Shandy.

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My Own Land’s Sins: An Anthology of Victorian Poetry

Ed. Cristina Artenie

My Own Land's Sins

In My Own Land’s Sins, the chronological order of poems suggests that poetical forms advanced through the efforts of a multitude of authors over long periods of time. The reader can glimpse at the state of English poetry at any given moment during the Victorian age. The poems included form a continuous narrative both about the advancement of English poetry and about the social history of Britain under Victoria. The selection of the poems was based on three criteria: their modernity; their preoccupation with the social circumstances of the era; and their usefulness in the classroom.

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